Top Japanese Boy Names Meaning Wind With Meaning

In the tapestry of Japanese boy names meaning wind dance like whispers through the trees. Names like Kazuki and Kazeto carry the gentle breeze of a calming zephyr, while Kazuto and Fuusuke echo the power and strength of a mighty gust.

Each name tells a story of nature’s elements, from Kazushige’s heavy winds to Fuumi’s vast expanse of wind-seas. Just as the wind can be serene or fierce, these names capture the breadth of its essence, resonating with the beauty and dynamism of the natural world.

Imagine a child named Kazumi, embodying the beauty of a gentle breeze, or Fuutarou, symbolizing the importance of wind in the family lineage. These names not only honor the wind but also invite us to embrace its ever-changing energy in our lives.

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Wind With Meaning

Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
1Kazuki (風樹)Wind Tree
2Kazeto (風人)Wind Person
3Kazuto (風斗)Wind Crest
4Kazushige (風重)Heavy Wind
5Kazeji (風字)Wind Character
6Fuumi (風海)Wind Sea
7Fubuki (吹雪)Blizzard
8Kazetoki (風時)Wind Time
9Fuutarou (風太郎)Wind First Son
10Fuyuki (風行)Wind Travel
Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
11Kazutoshi (風敏)Wind Alert
12Fuusuke (風助)Wind Assistance
13Kazushiro (風四郎)Wind Fourth Son
14Kazuki (風輝)Shining Wind
15Kazeo (風雄)Heroic Wind
16Fubito (風人)Wind Person
17Kazeaki (風秋)Autumn Wind
18Fuukichi (風吉)Lucky Wind
19Kazumi (風美)Beautiful Wind
20Kazuki (風揮)Waving Wind
Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
21Kazunori (風紀)Wind Discipline
22Kazuya (風哉)Wind, Oh!
23Kazuki (風暉)Radiant Wind
24Kazuki (風樹)Wind Tree
25Kazuto (風翔)Wind Soar
26Kazuto (風人)Wind Person
27Kazutoshi (風隼)Wind Falcon
28Kazutaka (風鷹)Wind Hawk
29Kazuto (風斗)Wind Crest
30Kazutoshi (風俊)Wind Excellence

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