30+ Japanese Boy Names Meaning Dark

In Japanese boy names meaning dark bring a sense of mystery and depth, like shadows under the moon. Names like Yami, Kage, and Kuro carry the feeling of darkness, showing its hidden side.

These names paint a picture of the night, where shadows move quietly and secrets hide. Whether it’s Kurai’s gloomy feeling or Yurei’s ghostly touch, each name has its own special meaning.

Imagine a child named Yonaka, meaning midnight, or Mayoi, showing the confusion of the night. These names capture the quiet beauty and wonder of darkness, inviting us to explore its depths with curiosity and awe.

Japanese Boy Names Meaning Dark

Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
1Yami (闇)Darkness
2Kage (影)Shadow
3Kuro (黒)Black
4Kurai (暗い)Dark or Gloomy
5Ankoku (暗黒)Darkness or Blackness
6Yurei (幽霊)Ghost or Spirit
7Mayoi (迷い)Confusion or Bewilderment
8Kokuen (黒煙)Black Smoke
9Yasha (夜叉)Demon or Nocturnal Creature
10Kura (暗)Darkness or Dimness
11Yonaka (夜中)Midnight
12Yoku (抑)Dim or Gloomy
13Yokai (妖怪)Phantom or Monster
14Yumeaki (夢明き)Dream Dark
15Yoruakari (夜明かり)Night Light
16Yoruashi (夜足)Night Footsteps
17Yoruboshi (夜星)Night Star
18Yumezora (夢空)Dream Sky
19Yomi (黄泉)Underworld or Hades
20Yamikumo (闇雲)Dark Cloud
Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
21Yonaka (夜中)Midnight
22Yoku (抑)Dim or Gloomy
23Yokai (妖怪)Phantom or Monster
24Yumeaki (夢明き)Dream Dark
25Yoruakari (夜明かり)Night Light
26Yoruashi (夜足)Night Footsteps
27Yoruboshi (夜星)Night Star
28Yumezora (夢空)Dream Sky
29Yomi (黄泉)Underworld or Hades
30Yamikumo (闇雲)Dark Cloud

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