Japanese Boy Names That Start With K With Meaning

In Japan, names are important and often have meanings. Many Japanese boy names that start with K. These names often carry special meanings, like “Kenji” meaning healthy and strong, or “Kaito” meaning ocean or big dipper. Each name is unique and can reflect the parents’ hopes or wishes for their child. Some names, like “Kota” or “Kazuki”, are also popular because they sound nice and are easy to remember. Choosing a name is a special moment for Japanese families, as they carefully consider the meaning and sound of each name before deciding.

Japanese Boy Names That Start With K

Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
1Kohaku (琥珀)Amber
2Kyota (京太)Capital, great, thick
3Kiyoshi (清)Pure, clean
4Kotaro (虎太郎)Tiger son
5Kyo (京)Capital, Tokyo
6Katsu (勝)Victory
7Kai (海)Sea, ocean
8Keiji (啓司)Lead, administer
9Koki (広樹)Wide, spacious tree
10Kaoru (薫)Fragrance, aromatic

Japanese Boy Names That Start with K

Part 2: Names 11-20

Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
11Kaito (海人)Ocean man
12Katsuya (勝也)Victory
13Kiyomasa (清正)Clear justice
14Kosuke (康介)Health assistance
15Kunio (邦男)Countryman
16Katsuki (克樹)Victory tree
17Kagemasa (景正)Bright scene
18Kaede (楓)Maple tree
19Kuro (九郎)Ninth son
20Koki (幸樹)Happiness, luck, fortune tree

Japanese Boy Names That Start With K

Part 3: Names 21-30

Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
21Kosei (康生)Health, life
22Katsuki (勝樹)Victory tree
23Kaito (凱翔)Triumph, soar
24Keigo (敬吾)Respect, self
25Kosei (光星)Bright star
26Kaoru (薫)Fragrance, aromatic
27Kento (健人)Healthy person
28Kyosuke (恭介)Respectful assistance
29Kojiro (浩次郎)Broad second son
30Kouta (康太)Healthy, thick

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