100 Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful

“Explore a world of empowering choices with ‘Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful.’ Find the perfect blend of strength and beauty for your daughter’s name, where each option tells a story of resilience and grace. Dive into this collection to discover a name that resonates with the powerful and beautiful spirit of your little one.”

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 1 To 10

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
1AndreaGreekStrong or manly
2BrianaIrishStrong or virtuous
3CarlaGermanStrong or free
4CaseyIrishVigilant or strong
5ValentinaLatinStrength or vigor
6GabriellaHebrewGod is my strength
7MatildaGermanMighty in battle
8BridgetIrishStrength or exalted one
9AudreyEnglishNoble strength
10LouisaGermanFamous warrior

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 11 To 20

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
11BernadetteFrenchBrave as a bear
12BiennaItalianStrong and brave
14CaseyEnglishVigilant or brave
15DennaEnglishValley of the strong
16EthanaHebrewStrong, firm
17FionaIrishFair, strong
18GertrudeGermanStrength of a spear
19HarrietGermanRuler of the household
20ImeldaGermanPowerful fighter

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 21 To 30

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
21IsoldeGermanIce ruler
22KendraEnglishWisdom, knowledge, or strong
24MaidaIrishMighty in battle
25NeldaGermanStrong or victorious
26OraneFrenchRising, strong wind
27PetronellaLatinRock or stone
28RainaGermanStrong counselor
29RodericaGermanFamous ruler
30SigridNorseBeautiful victory

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 31 To 40

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
31ThoraNorseThunder or strong
32UlricaNorseWolf ruler
33VeldaGermanStrong, warlike
34WinonaNative AmericanFirstborn daughter or strong
35XandraGreekDefender of the people
36YaraArabicSmall butterfly or strong
37ZelinaGreekSunshine or strength
38ZephyraGreekWest wind or strong
39AbigailHebrewFather’s joy or source of joy
40AdiraHebrewStrong, noble, powerful

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 41 To 50

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
41AlessandraGreekDefender of the people
42AltheaGreekHealing, wholesome or strong
43AmaraIgbo (Nigeria)Grace or strength
44AnastasiaGreekResurrection or strong
45AnikaSanskritGrace, brilliance or strong
46AzuraSpanishSky-blue or strength
47BelindaGermanicPretty, beautiful or serpent
48BerniceGreekVictory bringer
49BiancaItalianWhite or shining or strong
50BrigidIrishStrength or exalted one

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 51 To 60

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
51CamilaLatinYoung ceremonial attendant
52CarlaOld GermanStrong
53CarissaGreekGrace, favor or beloved
54CassandraGreekShe who entangles men
55CatalinaSpanishPure or clear or strong
56CeliaLatinHeavenly, divine or heavenly
57DreaGreekManly or strong
58EdelineOld EnglishNoble or strength
59EiraWelshSnow or strong
60ElaraGreekBright, shining or strong

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 61 To 70

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
61ElenaGreekBright, shining or light
62ElaraGreekBright, shining or strong
63ElianaHebrewGod has answered or my God has responded
64EmiliaLatinIndustrious or striving
65EsmeFrenchBeloved or esteemed
66EvaHebrewLife or living one
67FloraLatinFlower or flourishing
68FreyaNorseNoble woman or goddess of love and fertility
69FridaGermanPeaceful or peaceful ruler
70GiselleGermanPledge or hostage

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 71 To 80

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
71GloriaLatinGlory or renowned
72GraceEnglishGrace, elegance or favor
74GwendolynWelshFair, blessed or white ring
75HannaHebrewFavor or grace
76HazelEnglishHazelnut tree or the color hazel
77HelenaGreekBright, shining light
78ImeldaGermanPowerful fighter
79IngridOld NorseBeautiful, loved or fair
80IrisGreekRainbow or messenger of the gods

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 81 To 90

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
81IsabellaItalianDevoted to God or pledged to God
82IsoldeGermanIce ruler
83IvyOld EnglishClarity, faithfulness or dependence
84JasminePersianGift from God or God’s gift
85JocelynGermanMember of the Gauts tribe or noble
86JoleneAmericanGod will increase or beautiful
87JovitaLatinJoyful, jovial or full of life
88JudithHebrewPraised or woman of Judea
89JunoLatinQueen of the heavens
90KairaIrishPrincess or friend

Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful 91 To 100

Serial No.NameOriginMeaning
91KalistaGreekMost beautiful or fairest one
92KamilaArabicPerfect or complete
93KarinaScandinavianBeloved or pure
94KatalinaGreekPure or clear
95KaylaArabicWise child or laurel crown
96LaylaArabicNight or dark beauty
97LeandraGreekLioness or strong, brave
98LilianaLatinLily or pure
99LoreleiGermanAlluring, temptress
100LucindaLatinLight or illumination

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