Japanese Girl Names With Dark Meanings

In the world of Japanese girl names with dark meanings, it’s like exploring a mysterious garden of words. Names like Yami, meaning darkness, or Yoru, which means night, paint a picture of shadows and the quiet hours.

Kage whispers the tale of a hidden presence, while Akumu carries the weight of a nighttime nightmare. Kuroi, like a moonless night, symbolizes the color black. Kurai, with its gloomy essence, adds a touch of mystery to the linguistic landscape.

Yamiyo, translating to dark night, sets the scene for an enigmatic adventure. Names like Yurei, invoking spirits, and Kiri, reminiscent of mist, bring an air of ghostly beauty.

Each name in this collection tells a story, like Ayakashi, a supernatural being, or Ankoku, embodying the concept of darkness. These names, though carrying darker meanings, create a tapestry of words that capture the essence of mystery and intrigue.

Japanese Girl Names With Dark Meanings

Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
1Yami (闇)Darkness or Shadow
2Yoru (夜)Night
3Kage (影)Shadow
4Akumu (悪夢)Nightmare
5Kuroi (黒い)Black or Dark
6Kurai (暗い)Gloomy or Dark
7Yamiyo (闇夜)Dark Night
8Yurei (幽霊)Ghost or Spirit
9Kiri (霧)Mist or Fog
10Ayakashi (妖)Supernatural Being
11Ankoku (暗黒)Darkness or Blackness
12Urami (怨み)Resentment or Grudge
13Mayoi (迷い)Confusion or Bewilderment
14Kokuen (黒煙)Black Smoke
15Yasha (夜叉)Demon or Nocturnal Creature
16Kura (暗)Shadow or Dimness
17Kamen (仮面)Mask (associated with mystery)
18Yaminabe (闇鍋)Dark Pot (metaphorically, tricky situation)
19Kekkai (結界)Barrier or Boundary
20Sakkaku (錯覚)Illusion or Hallucination
Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
21Kairi (闇)Ocean Village
22Kohana (こはな)Little Flower
23Konomi (このみ)Little Root
24Kozue (こずえ)Tree Branch
25Keiko (けいこ)Happy Child
26Kohana (こはな)Small Flower
27Kiyora (きよら)Pure and Beautiful
28Kyoka (きょうか)Fragrance of the Night
29Kimiko (きみこ)Empress Child
30Kisa (きさ)Pure Blossom
31Kyouka (きょうか)Fragrance of the Capital
32Kiyomi (きよみ)Pure Beauty
33Kanon (かのん)Melody or Sound
34Kozue (こずえ)Tree Branch
35Kohana (こはな)Little Flower
36Kaoru (かおる)Fragrance
37Kozue (こずえ)Tree Branch
38Kiku (きく)Chrysanthemum
39Kikue (きくえ)Chrysanthemum Branch
40Kurea (くれあ)Clear and Bright

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