Top Japanese Girl Names That Start With K With Meaning

Exploring Japanese girl names that start with K is like stepping into a garden of words. Imagine Kana as a powerful and beautiful song, and Kaori as a name that smells sweet, like a flower. Kokoro is like talking about feelings and Kiko is a happy, hopeful child.

Picture each name as a different flower. Kotone sounds like a gentle harp playing, and Kiyomi is like saying someone is pure and innocent. Kazumi is like finding harmony, and Kumiko is a name that feels timeless, like a very old but lovely song.

These names tell stories, like Kanako, which is like saying “child of the fragrance,” or Kozue, which means tree branch. They’re like a collection of words that paint pictures of strength, beauty, and the magic of life.

Japanese Girl Names That Start With K

Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
1Kana (かな)Powerful or Beautiful
2Kaori (かおり)Fragrance or Aroma
3Kokoro (こころ)Heart or Soul
4Kiko (きこ)Hopeful Child
5Kotone (ことね)Harp Sound
6Kiyomi (きよみ)Pure Beauty
7Kumiko (くみこ)Beautiful Long-Time Child
8Kazumi (かずみ)Beautiful Harmony
9Kiyoko (きよこ)Pure Child
10Keiko (けいこ)Blessing or Adored Child
11Kaede (かえで)Maple Tree
12Karin (かりん)Beautiful Fragrance
13Kotomi (ことみ)Beautiful and Light
14Kanae (かなえ)Blessing or Realization
15Kanako (かなこ)Child of the Fragrance
16Konomi (このみ)Wish or Desire
17Kumiko (くみこ)Long-Time Beautiful Child
18Kaoru (かおる)Fragrance or Sweet-Smelling
19Kei (けい)Respect or Reverence
20Kazuko (かずこ)Harmonious Child
Serial No.Japanese NameMeaning
21Kairi (かいり)Ocean Village
22Kohana (こはな)Little Flower
23Konomi (このみ)Little Root
24Kozue (こずえ)Tree Branch
25Keiko (けいこ)Happy Child
26Kohana (こはな)Small Flower
27Kiyora (きよら)Pure and Beautiful
28Kyoka (きょうか)Fragrance of the Night
29Kimiko (きみこ)Empress Child
30Kisa (きさ)Pure Blossom
31Kyouka (きょうか)Fragrance of the Capital
32Kiyomi (きよみ)Pure Beauty
33Kanon (かのん)Melody or Sound
34Kozue (こずえ)Tree Branch
35Kohana (こはな)Little Flower
36Kaoru (かおる)Fragrance
37Kozue (こずえ)Tree Branch
38Kiku (きく)Chrysanthemum
39Kikue (きくえ)Chrysanthemum Branch
40Kurea (くれあ)Clear and Bright

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