Korean Girl Names Meaning Moonlight

In the gentle glow of Korean girl names meaning moonlight a poetic dance unfolds. Seulbi, like snowflakes falling under the moonlight, brings a touch of purity. Yoon, a name resonating with brightness, captures the essence of moonlit nights. Seonyeo, the fairy of the moon, adds a sprinkle of enchantment to the evening sky.

Picture Yurim, a name resembling a glass forest, where moonlight weaves through the trees with an ethereal touch. Saeron, as fresh and bright as a new moon, paints a canvas of hope. Eunhae, like a silver sea under the moonlit sky, reflects tranquility and beauty.

As the moon goddess, Dalnim graces the night with her celestial presence. Seoha, talented and graceful like the moon, adds a note of elegance to the melody. Yeonhwa, akin to a lotus flower in moonlight, embodies purity and grace.

In the tapestry of names, each one tells a story of moonlit joy, wisdom, and timeless beauty. These names, like stars in the night sky, shine uniquely, casting a soft radiance on the journey of a lifetime.

Korean Girl Names Meaning Moonlight

Serial No.Korean NamesHangulMeaning
3Yuri유리Glass; Moon’s beauty
4Eunbi은비Silver rain; Moonlight rain
5Dahlia달리아Named after the moon
6Seulgi슬기Wisdom under the moonlight
7Gaeul가을Autumn; Moonlit nights
8Seonmi선미Goodness of the moon
9Duri두리Beautiful night with a bright moon
10YongDragon; Often associated with the moon
11Woori우리Us; Symbolizing the moon as a shared element
12Yeoreum여름Summer; Moonlit summer nights
13Daun다운Moon’s shadow
14Yeonwoo연우Shining like the moon
15Boram보람Moonlight radiance
16Iseul이슬Dew; Moonlit night
17Haeun하은Grace of the moon
18Dalnim달님Moon goddess
19Haewon해원Shining like the moon’s glow
20Yeonjoo연주Moonlight’s grace

Korean Girl Names Meaning Moonlight

Serial No.Korean NamesHangulMeaning
21Seulbi슬비Snow falling like the moonlight
22YoonBrightness; Moonlight
23Seonyeo선여Fairy of the moon
24Yurim유림Glass forest; Moonlit forest
25Saeron새론New moon; Fresh and bright
26Eunhae은해Silver sea; Moonlit sea
27Yulim유림Glass forest; Moonlit forest
28Dalara달라라Shining like the moon
29Yujin유진Shining pearl; Moonlight brilliance
30Haeneul하늘Sky; Celestial like the moon
31Dalnim달님Moon goddess
32Seoha서하Talented and graceful like the moon
33Yeonhwa연화Lotus flower; Moonlight elegance
34Jisoo지수Wisdom under the moonlight
35Yoonhee윤희Bright joy; Moonlit joy
36Gyuri규리Shining like the moon
37Saeyoung새영New flower; Moonlight flower
38Yeji예지Art and wisdom; Bright moon
39Suah수아Elegant like the moon
40Yuree유리Glass; Moonlit beauty
41Yulmae율매Beautiful moon; Full moon elegance
42Hyein혜인Wise and bright; Moonlight brilliance
43Yuri유리Glass; Moonlit beauty
44Hyemi혜미Wise and beautiful; Moonlight beauty
45Jina지나Long-lasting; Moonlit path

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