Cute Korean Girl Names That Start With A And J With Meaning

In the delightful realm of names, Cute Korean Girl Names That Start With A bring forth a gentle melody. Ara, with its simplicity, echoes beauty like a blooming flower. Ae-Cha, a name carrying the warmth of a loving daughter, radiates familial affection.

Ae-Ri, a name that blends truth and beauty, paints a picture of sincerity and grace. Ah-Reum, simply beautiful, captures the essence of pure loveliness. A-Yeon, resembling a beautiful lotus, evokes images of natural elegance.

Journeying through these names is like strolling through a garden of affection and charm. Each name, like a carefully chosen petal, adds a touch of sweetness to the tapestry of identity. So, when seeking a name that’s not just a sound but a melody, these “Cute Korean Girl Names That Start With A” stand ready to embrace your little one with warmth and tenderness.

Cute Korean Girl Names That Start With A With Meaning

Cute Korean Girl Names That Start With A With Meaning

Serial No.Korean NamesHangulMeaning
2Ae-Cha애차Loving daughter
3Ae-Ri애리Loving and beautiful
6Ae-Kyung애경Love and respect
7Ae-Sook애숙Love and purity
8Ah-Young아영Beautiful flower
10Ah-Ri아리Beautiful pear blossom
11Ah-Mi아미Beautiful and clean
12A-Yeon아연Beautiful lotus
13Ae-Won애원Beautiful garden
14Ae-Young애영Love and prosperity
15Ae-Sun애선Love and goodness
16Ae-Jung애정Love and affection
17Ae-Ra애라Love and joy
18Ae-Rin애린Lovely and beautiful
19Ah-Ree아리Elegant and beautiful
20Ae-Hee애희Love and joy
21Ah-Yeon아연Graceful and beautiful
22Ae-Joo애주Love and jewel
23Ae-Ra애라Love and beauty
24Ae-Wol애월Love and moon
25Ah-Ya아야Colorful and lovely
26Ah-Rum아름Beautiful and delicate
27Ae-Bin애빈Lovely and precious
28Ae-Hwa애화Love and flower
29Ae-Sol애솔Beautiful pine tree
30Ae-Na애나Love and grace
31Ae-Ji애지Love and wisdom
32Ae-Kyung애경Love and brightness
33Ah-Young아영Beautiful and forever young
34Ae-Sook애숙Love and purity
35Ae-Heui애희Love and gracefulness
36Ae-Mi애미Beautiful and delicate
37Ae-Yool애율Love and warmth
38Ah-Ra아라Elegant and beautiful
39Ae-Yeon애연Graceful and lovely
40Ae-Ri애리Love and beauty
Cute Korean Girl Names That Start With J With Meaning

Korean Girl Names That Start With J With Meaning

Serial No.Korean NamesHangulMeaning
1Ji-Yeon지연Gracious and beautiful
2Ji-Won지원Graceful and talented
3Jin-Ah진아Truth and beauty
4Ji-Min지민Clever and quick-witted
5Jae-Hee재희Shining and joyful
6Ji-Hye지혜Wisdom and beauty
7Joo-Hee주희Beautiful and joyful
8Ji-Eun지은Wisdom and kindness
9Ji-Ae지애Graceful love
10Jin-Kyung진경Truth and brightness
11Ji-Soo지수Pure and simple
12Ji-Hyun지현Wisdom and brightness
13Jae-Kyung재경Shining and bright
14Ji-Young지영Wisdom and charm
15Ji-Ha지하Graceful and harmonious
16Jin-Hee진희Truth and joy
17Ji-A지아Wisdom and love
18Jae-Rim재림Shining and elegant
19Ji-Sun지선Wisdom and goodness
20Ji-Woo지우Beautiful and radiant
21Ji-Hae지해Wisdom and grace
22Jin-Seo진서Truth and auspicious
23Ji-Yong지용Wisdom and courage
24Jae-In재인Shining and benevolent
25Ji-Eun지은Wisdom and kindness
26Jin-Yi진이Truth and beauty
27Joo-Young주영Beautiful and prosperous
28Ji-Hyun지현Wisdom and purity
29Jae-Yeon재연Shining and graceful
30Ji-Ho지호Wisdom and harmony
31Jin-Sol진솔Truthful and pure
32Ji-Ah지아Wisdom and love
33Ji-Yul지율Wisdom and elegance
34Jae-Min재민Shining and clever
35Ji-Sung지성Wisdom and success
36Jin-Ae진애Truth and love
37Ji-Ri지리Wisdom and beauty
38Jae-Kyung재경Shining and bright
39Ji-Su지수Wisdom and purity
40Jin-Ho진호Truth and goodness

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