Japanese Girl Names That Start With G With Meaning

Discovering Japanese girl names that start with G is like finding hidden gems in a linguistic treasure chest. Each name carries a unique story and meaning. Hanae, meaning “flower picture,” blooms with natural beauty. Ginko, signifying “silver child,” sparkles like precious metal. These names, like Gyokuko (jewel child) and Gizumi (righteous clarity), weave a tapestry of cultural richness. Embracing a name like Genki, radiating “energetic and lively” vibes, adds a touch of positivity. So, embark on this journey of exploration, where every name unfolds a story and creates a special connection with your little one’s identity.

Japanese Girl Names That Start With G

Serial No.Japanese NamesKanjiMeaning
1Hanae花絵Flower picture
3Ginko銀子Silver child
4Gyokuko玉子Jewel child
5Gizumi義澄Righteous clarity
6Goro五郎Fifth son
7Gyokuko玉子Jade child
8Gentoku玄徳Dark virtue
9Gyokuei玉英Jade brilliance
10Gurei愚鈴Foolish bell
11Gyokuran玉蘭Jade orchid
12GiselleジゼルPledge (Japanese variation)
13Genki元気Energetic, lively
14Gyokusui玉水Jade water
15Gensho玄笑Mysterious laughter
16Gyokuko玉子Jewel child
17Ginya銀夜Silver night
18Gyokuto玉兎Jade rabbit
19Gesshin月心Moon heart
20Gyorei玉鈴Jade bell
21Genten玄典Mysterious tradition
22Gyoko玉子Jade child
23Ginmei銀明Silver brightness
24Gyoen玉緣Jade fate
25Ginko吟子Silver child

Japanese Girl Names That Start With G

Serial No.Japanese NamesKanjiMeaning
26Gyokuyo玉葉Jade leaf
27Ginsei銀星Silver star
28Gyotoku魚得Fish gain
29Gyokuho玉穂Jade ear of rice
30Ginsui銀水Silver water
31Gyoen魚園Fish garden
32Ginten銀天Silver sky
33Gyokka玉香Fragrance of jade
34Gyokuto玉都Jewel capital
35Ginya吟夜Silver night
36Gyokuryu玉琉Jade gem
37Ginsen銀仙Silver hermit
38Gyokudo玉堂Jade hall
39Ginsei吟星Silver star
40Gyokuka玉香Fragrance of jade
41Ginami銀美Beautiful silver
42Gyonen魚年Fish year
43Ginshu銀秋Silver autumn
44Gyoran魚蘭Fish orchid
45Ginpatsu銀白Silver white
46Gyosho魚笑Fish laughter
47Ginka銀花Silver flower
48Gyokuso玉祖Jade ancestor
49Ginsora銀空Silver sky
50Gyoten魚天Fish heaven

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