Islamic baby girl names from quran A to Z with meanings.

Islamic baby girl names from quran a to z.

1. “Choosing the perfect name for your daughter is a sacred act –

explore the grace and beauty of Islamic baby girl names from Quran A to Z.”

2. “Every letter of the alphabet holds a unique story within the Quranic baby girl names,

from ‘Amina‘ to ‘Zahra‘ – each name a precious gem.”

Islamic baby girl names from quran a to z

3. “In the Quran’s verses, you’ll find an array of names for your baby girl,

each one with a profound significance. Explore our A to Z guide today.”

4. “The Quran offers a wealth of timeless baby girl names,

all the way from A to Z. Discover the meaning and beauty within each names

5. “A journey through the Quran’s pages will lead you to the most meaningful and beautiful baby girl names,

spanning the entire alphabet from A to Z.

Name Meaning Religion Pronun Style
Amina Trustworthy, faithfulIslamah-MEE-nahModern, Unique
AishaAlive,livingIslamah-EE-shahModern, Unique
AyahSign, miracleIslamah-YAHModern, Unique
AsmaExalted, loftyIslamAS-mahModern, Unique
BasimahSmilingIslamba-SEE-mahModern, Unique
BarakahBlessing, abundanceIslambah-RAH-kahModern, Unique
BilqisThe Queen of ShebaIslambill-KEEZModern, Unique
FatimahThe name of Prophet Muhammad’s daughterIslamfah-TEE-mahModern, Unique
FaridaUnique, preciousIslamfah-REE-dahModern, Unique
HanaBlissful, happyIslamHAH-nahModern, Unique
HafsaYoung lioness, gatheringIslamHAF-sahModern, Unique
HawwaEve, the first womanIslamHAH-wahModern, Unique
InayaKindness, careIslamee-NAH-yahModern, Unique
ImanFaith, beliefIslamee-MAHNModern, Unique
KhadijaTrustworthy, the name of the Prophet’s first wifeIslamkah-DEE-jahModern, Unique
LaylaNightIslamLAY-lahModern, Unique
LinaTender, delicateIslamLEE-nahModern, Unique
MaryamMary, the mother of Esa ASIslamMAH-ryahmModern, Unique
muneerahIlluminating, shiningIslammoo-NEE-rahModern, Unique
MariamVariation of Maryam, meaning “Mary”Islammah-REE-ahmModern, Unique
MahaBeautiful eyes, wild cowIslamMAH-hahModern, Unique
NajwaConfidential talk, secret conversationIslamNAJ-wahModern, Unique
NoorLight, radianceIslamNOORModern, Unique
NaimaTranquil, calmIslamNYE-mahModern, Unique
RahmaMercy, compassionIslamRAH-mahModern, Unique
RukhsarCheek, faceIslamrook-SHARModern, Unique
RayanLuxuriant, one who is satiatedIslamRAY-anModern, Unique
SufiyyaPure, sincereIslamsa-FEE-yahModern, Unique
SaraPure, virtuousIslamSAH-rahModern, Unique
TarfaKind of treeIslamTAR-fahModern, Unique
TahiraPure, chasteIslamta-HEE-rahModern, Unique
UmamahProper nameIslamoo-MAH-mahModern, Unique
UzmaGreatest, most supremeIslamOZ-mahModern, Unique
WardaRose, flowerIslamWAR-dahModern, Unique
WafaFaithfulness, loyaltyIslamwah-FAHModern, Unique
YasminJasmine flowerIslamYAS-meenModern, Unique
YusraEase, comfortIslamYUS-rahModern, Unique
ZainabFragrant flowerIslamzay-NAHBModern, Unique
ZaraBright as the dawnIslamZAH-rahModern, Unique
islamic baby girl names from quran a to z

What is the best baby girl name in quran?

A beautiful name for a baby girl from the Quran is

Aisha, meaning “alive” or “living.”

It carries a special significance, being the name of one of Prophet Muhammad’s wife.

Which muslim girl name is powerful?

A strong and powerful Muslim girl’s name is

Zainab, meaning “beauty” and “grace.”

It carries a sense of strength and elegance.

. What is the lucky name for muslim girl?

A fortunate and meaningful name for a Muslim girl is

Aaliyah, which means “exalted” or “high in rank.”

It’s considered a name associated with positive attributes and blessings.

What is the cutest muslim girl name?

A charming and cute Muslim girl’s name is

Amina, meaning “trustworthy” and “faithful.”

It has a sweet and endearing quality.

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